How Sound Therapy Works

The mind-body connection

What we feel emotionally can have a dramatic effect how we feel physically. Stress and anxiety, for example, can cause high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, obesity, and many other health issues.

The good news is that the mind doesn’t have to be the problem. With Prescription Audio sound therapy, it becomes the solution. 


Discovering the power to heal

Just as experiencing stress can have harmful effects on the body, relieving stress can produce beneficial ones. Research has shown a strong link between the relaxation response—which is activated when the mind enters a meditative state—and actual physiological changes associated with sound physical and emotional health. The deeper the state of meditation, the more profound the healing.

A sound solution for today's world

Traditionally, reaching the deepest levels of meditation took months and years of dedication, discipline, and practice. But today’s pressure-packed, 24/7 world leaves little time to achieve this kind of deep relaxation. Many of us, in fact, never even get to experience even the benefits of a deep, truly restorative night’s sleep.

That’s why we created Prescription Audio.

Helping the mind heal the body

Science has long known about brainwaves—patterns of electrical activity generated by the billions of neural cells in the human brain. As the chart below shows, different levels of consciousness generate brainwaves at specific frequencies. More recent discoveries have shown that when people listen to rhythmic sounds matched to a particular frequency, their brainwaves begin exhibiting the same frequency.    

This process is called “brain entrainment,” and it’s how Prescription Audio harnesses the power of the mind to help heal the body.   

Advanced sound technology

What makes Prescription Audio so much more effective than soothing music, ambient sounds, and similar products? The answer is a proven, scientific application of multilayered audio stimuli to evoke a desired mental state, from relaxation to the deepest stages of sleep and meditation.

Prescription Audio’s unique technology combines three different types of sound therapy:

• Pure Tones—generated by sine waves

• Natural Sounds—soothing sounds from the world of nature 

Quantum Sound Layering—precise frequencies tuned to brainwave patterns


     Brainwave Patterns and Their Effects on the Brain and Body

14 - 100 Hz     

Normal waking state, alertness, cognitive thinking, analysis, arousal, agitation/anxiety (higher levels), action, flight or fight response (higher levels)


8 - 13.9 Hz

Relaxed waking state, relaxed focus, creative problem solving (non-analysis), super learning, pre-awake or pre-sleep drowsiness (lower levels), access to sub-conscious mind, spiritual awareness

4 - 7.9 Hz

Dream or REM sleep, creative flow, deep meditation, access to unconscious mind, profound spiritual awareness

0.1 - 3.9 Hz

Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness



The technology that creates the frequency footprint, in combination with the use of four more essential layers of sound technology, is what makes the Prescription Audio program unique.

First Layer

Binaural beats, or binaural tones, are auditory processing artifacts or apparent sounds, the perception of which arises in the brain independent of physical stimuli. Interest in binaural beats can be classified into two categories. First, they are of interest to neurophysiologists investigating the sense of hearing. Second, binaural beats may influence the brain in more subtle ways, through the entrainment of brainwaves, and can be used to produce relaxation and other health benefits.

Second Layer

A beautiful and unique musical score for each session has been created and recorded without cuts; each is perfectly tuned in feeling and flow to the frequency footprint of each session. This layer of sound technology deepens the experience and makes it very pleasing to the senses.

Third Layer

The third layer of each session is beautifully woven into the composition from the toning of perfectly pitched silicon crystal bowls. These bowls are made from a special kind of sand called silica sand, which is pure quartz crystal. This same substance is an integral part of our modern computer and telecommunications industries and has given rise to the name “Silicon Valley,” for the region in California with a high concentration of these high tech companies. Interestingly, on the molecular level, our cells also contain a significant amount of silica, which balances electromagnetic energy in the body. Other crystal substances are found in the matrices of bone, blood and most importantly, in DNA. Each and every cell in the body vibrates at
a measurable frequency, which determines the health and function of each cell, system, organ, and ultimately, the entire body. The vibrations emitted by the tones from the silicon crystal bowls act as a tuning fork for the entire body...bringing each and every cell into resonance with healing and vitality.

Fourth Layer

The final layer of each session is beautiful sounds from nature. These sounds help to connect us to our earth home and anchor us into the here and now. It is no accident that we sleep more soundly during a rainstorm and many flock to the seaside when seeking a place to rejuvenate. These sounds are wired into our DNA as comforting, nurturing and safe, and we respond physically by releasing our tension and stress.
One will notice while listening to any of the Prescription Audio therapy sessions, that this technology goes the extra mile to move the individual from simply hearing beautiful sounds to actually experiencing them. Most recordings of nature sounds use only a brief recorded segment and then continuously repeat it for the duration of the program. The brain and body know the difference! The creators of this technology invested in state- of-the-art recording technology, spending many hours of time to ensure more than just superficial nature sounds. The Prescription Audio program provides the actual visceral experience of being there, resulting in ultimate relaxation.